There are many approaches to the wild and isolated summit of Bleaklow, but our route is one of the most satisfying. Bleaklow, the second highest summit in the Peak still manages to convey a feeling of remoteness and wildness in a way that the rest of the Peak District cannot and our walk takes us away from the Paths to explore this high moorland environment.

Walk Details

  • Meet: Old Glossop
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Length: 14 km/ 9 miles
  • Height Gain: 430m / 1400ft
  • Walk Time: 6 Hours

Price: £30pp

2021 Dates – TBC


We start in Old Glossop and follow an old packhorse route, used to carry cotton across the Pennines. As leave the town behind our route takes smaller and smaller paths until we reach the Wain Stones. At this point we join the Pennine Way as we turn to reach the summit of Bleaklow Head. From the summit we now head South-South West towards Snake Pass and another ancient packhorse route, Doctors Gate which will lead us back to our start point in Old Glossop.

During the day we do have the possibility to visit some old crash sites situated on Bleaklow, where in 1948 a B29 Superfortress plane crashed sadly killing all 13 crew members onboard. The plane was on a short journey from Lincolnshire to Burtonwood near Warrington when it hit the top of the hill in low cloud.

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